Future- EVOL Album Review

I will give it to Future, the guy has one hell of a work ethic. EVOL comes just seven months after his last album, DS2, and in that time he has released a collaboration mixtape with Drake and another solo mixtape. That being said, after listening to DS2 I have had no intention of listening to any of these projects. And if it was not for this blog, I would not have listened to this album at all. That is honestly because I just have not been able to get into Future. I found some bright moments on his last album but I never got the appeal.

With all this being said, I tried to be optimistic about this release. Maybe Future would take what works on his last album and expand on it. This did not happen. After listening to EVOL I felt like I had heard nothing new from Future. This is relatively safe for the rapper and honestly this does not help me understand why he has such a big following. I guess if you want an album to do codeine and cough syrup to (I DO NOT ADVOCATE THIS) this would be good. But seeing how harmful those drugs are I think hearing a rapper seem to support their use is kind of disgusting.

Even if you can get passed this, as well as Future’s constant bragging about all his money, there is not much here to offer. As a rapper, Future is very incompetent, delivering his lines sloppily which the auto-tune does not help to cover. When he is at his best is usually when he puts more energy into his verses like in the song “Lil Haiti Baby” and the album closer “Fly Shit Only” which does end the album off on a high note. The song starts with the sound of a guitar, a real instrumental sound that is very welcome after all the auto-tuned rapping.

The albums sole feature comes from The Weeknd, who appears on the track “Low Life.” Despite the fact he does not do anything outside his usual crooning about being a bad boy. It works for him though and it adds something positive to this record. The Weeknd’s dirty persona actually works well given this album’s tone and even with a totally different vocal style he works well with Future on this track. I would honestly believe it if someone told me this song was intended for The Weeknd’s last album.

I am honestly grasping things to write about on this album but this album really has very little to offer in terms of substance. There is some good production on this but none of it is catchy or memorable in anyway. I will probably forget every song on here except for maybe “Low Life” which I will only remember because of The Weeknd. The lyrics are shallow and uninteresting and Future just sounds like a mess. I know there are people who will enjoy this, I just am not one of them. If you like Future, enjoy this, if not, this will not win you over so avoid it.

Rating: C-


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